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ritual rough body play confined / caged gags / silence fisting / stretching
orgasm denial / control pictures sex toys voyeurism body alteration / injury
fucking machines sensation play wildcard washing / cleaning pain
animal play silk velvet feathers furs bites / bruises wet messy dirty genital torture
mirrors / doubles endurance tentacles objectification kink obedience / disobedience

Abandon (DRAMAtical Murder, Noiz/Aoba, washing / cleaning) NSFW
Summary: One twelve-hour flight later, Noiz introduces Aoba to their new home in Germany and helps him find a way to adjust.
Content Notes: n/a

Euphoria (DRAMAtical Murder, Noiz/Aoba, stretching) NSFW
Summary: There's this new method of aural intoxication that Noiz is really interested in trying with Aoba...
Content Notes: n/a

Part of You (DRAMAtical Murder, Noiz/Aoba, body alteration)
Summary: Aoba decides to take Noiz up on an old offer.
Content Notes: n/a

Sweet Pain (DRAMAtical Murder, Noiz/Aoba, pain) NSFW
Summary: There are some things about Noiz that only Aoba's hands understand.
Content Notes: n/a

Want and Need (DRAMAtical Murder, Noiz/Aoba, obedience) NSFW
Summary: He made Noiz wait a whole week for him, and now Aoba would finally let Noiz have whatever he wanted.
Content Notes: n/a

Another Day Sets (Shingeki no Kyojin, Erwin/Levi, genital torture) NSFW
Summary: Every day reminded them of their weakness. Every now and then, a night to acknowledge that weakness was all that Erwin needed to feel strong.
Content Notes: n/a

A Boy and His... (Final Fantasy VII, Reno/Rufus/Dark Nation, tentacles) NSFW
Summary: A dull stay in Junon becomes a little too interesting when Rufus finds himself alone with Reno and Dark Nation.
Content Notes: Dubious Consent
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